The Most Musical Moments of Your Wedding

Fill every moment of your big day with a special song

The Most Musical Moments of Your Wedding

We all know the bride will be taken down the aisle to a beautiful melody; we all know we'll have to hold back the tears as you first dance to the ballad closest to your heart; we all know the reception's going to be chockablock with floor fillers. That's just the way it goes. But there may well be more musical moments you haven't yet thought of that, if played just right, will make you feel like you're getting married in your favourite rom-com. Here are the main ones, and what to do when they happen: While you get ready – While not strictly part of the ceremony proper, this is an important ritual (one the wedding wouldn't be the same without), and you need a motivational tune that'll get you excited for the day ahead. While your guests arrive and find their seats – Not all of your guests will be arriving at the same time (they'd never fit through the door), to entertain those who have already filtered in with some music that straight away sets the tone for your wedding.

The wedding party procession – This isn't so much the calm before the beautiful storm as the first droplets of blissful rain or the first gentle love waves – your guests will instantly hush up as the door opens, or, if you time it right, as your well-chosen music strikes up. The main procession – This is the real showstopper, the money shot, the crowning moment – so choose wisely! As the bride is seen in her wedding dress for the first time by the groom, choose something the both compliments her beauty and conveys to your guests just how important this moment is. The recessional – After you share your first kiss as newlyweds and head back down the aisle, people are going to be on the edge of their seats. You need to play them something triumphant and celebratory to let them know just how wonderful it is that you've finally arrived at your destination – each others arms!


As your guests arrive at the reception – After the comparatively formal ceremony, let your guests know that it's time to let their hair down a bit with a few upbeat tunes. Nothing too crazy yet – they'll only be milling around chatting until you arrive, so you want the atmosphere to be chirpy and cheery. Save the drum and bass for later! As you arrive at the reception – Give your wedding DJ or live wedding band the cue to announce your arrival – and feel free to make it as serious or as funny as you like! They key is to make it distinct from the music that was playing before you got here – you could even cut the previous song off, so there's no mistake that the next stage of the wedding has begun. Your first dance – This is another key moment and one that you and your partner need to plan carefully. Choose a song you're both comfortable dancing too, and, preferably, one that you both have an emotional attachment to. This is your 'our song' song.

Their first dance – Cut the tension with a fun, rabble-rousing tune that signals to everyone else that it's time to rush to the dance floor. Aim for unabashed crowd pleasers to let them know the floor's open for business! The dad dance – This very much depends on the type of dad you're dancing with – but choose something you know he likes to showcase your special connection. The mum dance – As above, it depends on the mum – choose something she likes, give her an opportunity to give her pretty frock a twirl, and let her fuss over you a bit. If you can think of a song that'll bring this out in her, go for that! While dinner is being served – We'd recommend something light, easy and relaxing to get everyone in the mood for a nice sit-down and some even nicer food. This is a happy occasion for everyone – they'll have been looking forward to this meal since they RSVP'd! During the speeches – You want to be able to hear the speech, so nothing too over the top or in your face. But it might be nice to have some light, soft music in the background for effect – or maybe some intro music to get everyone clapping! The cutting of the cake – A sweet moment calls for sweet music.

Sweetness is in the palate of the be-taster, so whatever you consider to be friendly and cute music-wise will go down a treat. The tossing of the bouquet – This tends to be a little dramatic, in contrast to the rest of the wedding. You can play off the building tension – get everyone really excited to see who wins the chance to get married next! The last dance – You could up the romance here – nothing says 'romance' like 'slow dance'! After an evening of frivolities, give everyone one last reminder of why they're all here – to celebrate the newest addition to the respective families. Choose something that really sets you and your partner off. The send-off – Something heroic, heartwarming, and, above all else, you! Leave a lasting impression on your guests as you set off for the next part of your journey together.

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