Attending an Indian Wedding

Everyone loves a wedding

A Tip for Attending an Indian Wedding

Weddings are beautiful things. Everyone loves a wedding. I was in Egypt a few years back. I saw a gathering and I went to the main gate of the venue to ask what was the nature of this gathering. I was informed that it was a wedding celebration. I was invited in and welcomed to the party. It was my first uninvited wedding I had ever attended in my life. I saw everything through fresh eyes, since the weddings I normally attend have been Indian weddings.

Many people in England have heard of, or read about Indian weddings. They know how colourful they are, how full of food, and they know a little about the ceremony. But most people have been unable to attend an Indian wedding, since they may not have a friend with connections to the Indian community.

Unfortunately there is no way to buy a ticket to attend an Indian wedding. It would be nice to be able to buy tickets in advance, and to be able to attend an Indian wedding to see how it all takes place. I'm sure people would be happy to pay a good price to be able to attend and enjoy the food.

This may be an idea that will catch on. One day you may see a box office selling tickets for Indian weddings organized by Indian high commissioners or Asian wedding exhibitors. If you attend this event you will probably have a very nice evening out.

If you do wish to attend an Indian wedding, then let me give you a tip: you should contact Indian wedding service providers and ask the if you can attend the wedding, and that you are willing to hire one full table for ten and that you would pay up to £50 a person. The wedding service might approach the family and the family may well consider your proposal. Then you will be able to enjoy a wonderful evening. Ask the caterer if you are allowed to drink alcohol, because many Asian weddings will not allow alcohol to be consumed in the venue.

This, as far as I understand, is the only way to obtain access to an Indian wedding. The chance of being able to buy yourself into a wedding is probably quite rare, but you never know. Just make yourself known to the Indian wedding service provider, and you may just get a call.

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