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The Best Man’s Speech

inappropriate stories

Most of us have heard at least one best man’s speech that has made us wince with embarrassment. Sam and Emily have been examining exactly why some speeches are so appallingly cringey.


Make it too long. We reckon 7 minutes is maximum.

Tell inappropriate stories regarding past lovers - in fact, do not even mention them

Tell inappropriate stories regarding any happenings on the stag night

Talk about illegal substances or use swear words

Forget to compliment the bride

Tell mother-in-law jokes

Drink too much before you make your speech as you will probably do all of the above

Remember, you are likely to be addressing an audience of all ages. What the speech needs to be is entertaining, affectionate, funny, and maybe a little bit moving. It pays to do your research properly....

Once you have agreed to speak, start thinking about what you want to say. If you have had a long friendship with the groom, you will probably have many stories from which to draw from. Just bear in mind the above ‘do nots’, and do not go into too much detail, as you’ll lose your audience half way through. It is probably best not to include more that one anecdote or reminiscence as you’ll be talking about characters that half of your audience has never met!

Speak to the groom’s friends and family and ask them for any funny tales of him as a child / adolescent that might be good in a speech. What is he known for? Any strange quirks in his personality? (lovable ones obviously!)

Find out who else is making a speech and what the bride and groom will want you to say in yours, regarding thanking people.

Think about the structure - can you break it down into manageable chunks?

To make it funny, you will undoubtably be including friendly digs at the bridegroom. But it should also include the same amount of complimentary remarks! Don’t be nasty. People won’t laugh.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you need to read the speech out but make sure you look up at the audience frequently. As with anything, the more you rehearse, the better it will be. Practice in front of friends, video yourself if you must!

Speak loudly and slowly and listen to the audience. After a joke or anecdote, wait until they have finished laughing, to speak again.

The final section of the speech is what people will the remember the most so think about your conclusion carefully. You want to end with a flourish. It could be a toast and that also signals that your bit is over.

Good Luck!

Attending an Indian Wedding

Everyone loves a wedding

A Tip for Attending an Indian Wedding

Weddings are beautiful things. Everyone loves a wedding. I was in Egypt a few years back. I saw a gathering and I went to the main gate of the venue to ask what was the nature of this gathering. I was informed that it was a wedding celebration. I was invited in and welcomed to the party. It was my first uninvited wedding I had ever attended in my life. I saw everything through fresh eyes, since the weddings I normally attend have been Indian weddings.

Many people in England have heard of, or read about Indian weddings. They know how colourful they are, how full of food, and they know a little about the ceremony. But most people have been unable to attend an Indian wedding, since they may not have a friend with connections to the Indian community.

Unfortunately there is no way to buy a ticket to attend an Indian wedding. It would be nice to be able to buy tickets in advance, and to be able to attend an Indian wedding to see how it all takes place. I'm sure people would be happy to pay a good price to be able to attend and enjoy the food.

This may be an idea that will catch on. One day you may see a box office selling tickets for Indian weddings organized by Indian high commissioners or Asian wedding exhibitors. If you attend this event you will probably have a very nice evening out.

If you do wish to attend an Indian wedding, then let me give you a tip: you should contact Indian wedding service providers and ask the if you can attend the wedding, and that you are willing to hire one full table for ten and that you would pay up to £50 a person. The wedding service might approach the family and the family may well consider your proposal. Then you will be able to enjoy a wonderful evening. Ask the caterer if you are allowed to drink alcohol, because many Asian weddings will not allow alcohol to be consumed in the venue.

This, as far as I understand, is the only way to obtain access to an Indian wedding. The chance of being able to buy yourself into a wedding is probably quite rare, but you never know. Just make yourself known to the Indian wedding service provider, and you may just get a call.

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LIVING’S hit show ‘Four Weddings’ is back

win a honeymoon




LIVING’S hit show ‘Four Weddings’ is back and we are looking for more brides-to-be to attend and score each other’s weddings. Each wedding will be scored on the venue, the food, the overall experience and of course, the dress. The couple that score the highest will win the luxury honeymoon of their dreams!

For more info please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please include the date of your wedding day and your telephone number!

Hurry we are casting now!

Top 5 Money Wasters at a Wedding

don't waste money on your wedding

After a recent survey the majority of Brides questioned listed these as a waste of money.


1. Favours. Don’t waste a lot of money on things that will simply end up being binned.

Meaningless and expensive nick knacks are such a waste of money time and energy. Do your friends really need a packet of sugared almonds (OK traditional at Italian weddings but then they buy them in bulk and use them like confetti (Yes it really hurts). What use is a cheap plastic key ring printed with the Bride and Groom’s names and the date of the wedding?

On the other hand a small box of delicious chocolate will go down well (especially with the photographer if any are left over). Why not produce something really personal and beautiful – for example a small book of poems or favourite recipes.



2. Tacky presents. For the Best man, ushers, bridesmaids, great aunt Floss who made the confetti – the list and range of rubbish is endless. Either be prepared to spend a decent amount on sensible presents or, again, make them something really personal.


3. Huge, Expensive flashy designer wedding cakes. Some people order a cake that would feed 300 people when there are only 50 guests??????? If you (or dad) really wants to impress why not consider enlarging the apparent size of the cake with fresh flowers between the layers or a tiered floral arrangement.


4. Too many Keepsakes. The wedding suppliers love to make money out of you by selling you mementoes to “pass down to your children” WHY the kids wont be remotely interested. By all means put together a wedding album but is there space in your home (or life) for a preserved wedding dress, embalmed bridal bouquet, monogrammed picture frame or engraved toasting glass.


5. Too many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. Our record to date is 10 Bridesmaids, 2 Best Men and 17 (SEVENTEEN) Ushers. Even then the Groom said “17 Bl##@y ushers and not one on the door” as the 300 plus guests were arriving!!!!!!!! Mind you I understand that the “usher’s lunch” before the wedding was quiet a sight. Even if your not paying for the suit hire (they all owned their own morning suits and top hats - Ascot don’t you know) the thank you presents, bouquets, button holes, ushers lunch and so on all add up.


Article & photos by Mike Watts.

Please feel free to re-produce with a by-line

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