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Chocolate Chocolate Sweets and more chocolate

Yummy yummy chocolate and sweets in my tummy

Chocolate Fountain

Well what a busy week, from the yearly coporate event in Birmingham to a family party and a school christmas Market we have been busy. Lots of chocolates and sweets consumed in a short space of time.  I still love how everyone loves the fountain and still so many people who have never seen one before. I love my job and i love to feed people.  It tastes so good. Even i had a binge on the last event....nom nom nom nom   check it out!!!! 

New Stylish Cufflinks for Wedding Chic

Engraved Wedding Cufflinks

New Stylish Cufflinks for Wedding Chic

Wedding Cufflinks, wonderful as a gift for the Grooms Best Man, Ushers, and Bride's Father, they tend to fall into two categories. Either they are traditional, and come with a nicely engraved gift box, or they're very contemporary without allowing for the personalisation needed for a special wedding gift. 

Wedding Singer with the ‘X-Factor’

– Tip 3 Look at their Photo Gallery!

Wedding Singer

Hello!  My name is Hollie and I am a professional singer and vocal coach and I would like to take the time to share with you some of my Top Tips and Techniques!   It’s easy to make the mistake of only considering your Wedding Singer’s voice, when deciding if they're right for your Wedding.  But, in my opinion, the voice alone is not enough, to ensure that they do indeed have the 'X-Factor'!  When  a lot of time and money has gone into your Wedding Day to make sure hat your table décor is stunning and that  your flowers are amazing and that your Wedding Dress is just breathtaking, then surely you want to your Wedding Singer to be in-keeping with your high standards.

Depending on music style and performance times, your Wedding Entertainer should ensure that their attire in complimentary and inkeeping with your Wedding Theme and requirements (and lets be real, certain fashion looks nowadays are definitely an ‘acquired taste’ and do you really want to take that risk on the day)?!

 See if they provide you with both visual variety and choice and don’t’ be afraid to ask questions before coming to the conclusion as to whether they are the right Wedding Singer for you!   Please go to to find out more about me and where to find my ‘Top Tips’ and ‘Vocal Exercises’ Blogs and Articles.

Trash the Dress

The latest wedding photography import from America

'Trash the Dress' is the latest wedding photography import from America. It involves organising a photoshoot some time after the wedding where the bride will wear her dress in an environment which is completely out of place, even hostile. Beach shots are very popular and also city streets, rooftops, fields, forests, abandoned buildings and rubbish dumps. The bride wears her wedding dress in these surroundings and ruins it in the process by getting it wet, dirty or even burning or tearing it. The idea is to reflect the personality of the bride without showing much respect for the dress. It is almost a declaration that the wedding is done and the dress will not be used again. It is seen as an alternative to storing the dress away, never to be seen again.

If you know of anyone who has done trashed their dress or you are a photographer who has photographed this, we would love to hear from you and see your pictures.

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