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    Revive Photographic
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    Wedding Photographer
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    So, what is Revive, and who makes it what it is? Well, we’re Karl and Steph.

    We chose the name ‘Revive’ for our media business as we strive to bring you photographs that portray energy and fun. Enjoying the moment that lasts forever to be shown to family and friends again and again.
    Keeping memories ‘alive’ reviving memories again and again etc….

    Together, we strive to cut out the boring part of wedding photography, you know, the standing in-front of the camera faking a smile standing as stiff as a board next to people you’re obliged to pretend you like? Ahem... We capture the special, behind the scenes stuff, like, when the beautiful bride first puts on her wedding gown, candid and natural images of friends and family having a ball at the after party, and the true essence of love as you grin your way through the vows as you're officially pronounced husband and wife!

    See, we do this because we share a hatred for the stereotypical, boring images that so many married couples don't take one more look at after they've shown everyone. We both love the fun, creative and quirky side of things, and that's exactly what we offer!

    And, don't think that it is just the case for our weddings, we bring the same amount of fun to family portraits, fashion, awards, and any other ceremony and event you can think of.

    So, if you haven't already, take a gander at our photos and videos to see if it tickles your fancy, and we hope to see you soon!

    Steph & Karl
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