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    Inch Go Lipo
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    Non-surgucal Liposuction and Cryolypolisis
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    At Inch Go Lipo you can get non-surgical liposuction and cryolypolisis (fat freezing) treatments. You can also have skin tightening, cellulite reduction, stretchmark appearance improved and even a butt lift. How about wrinkle reduction in a superb facial.
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    I can offer a bespoke hen/stag party in your own home. Have a non-surgical liposuction party. Treatments range from permanent fat loss, contouring your shape for your big day, fat freezing which still works 6 months after ceasing treatments. I tighten saggy skin and reduce wrinkles and fancy giving the Mother of the Bride/Groom a butt lift. For the stags out there, you also want to look you best for the big day. I do male breast, love handles, tummy and all manner of treatments for you and your stags. Whatever combination of treatments you require, whoever hosts the party in your home, the treatment is free with a minimum of four full paying guests at £50 each. Hostess will complete consent forms and paperwork prior to your event so we can get straight down to the good bit. Each treatment is a full 30 minutes of lipo, fat freezing or tightening on whatever area you choose. (1 area each). To clarify areas, they are listed on my website. A deposit of £50 secures your event.
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