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    Dotty Photography
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    Wedding Photography
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    I offer high quality, friendly and affordable wedding photography within the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire area.
    Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I like to keep it that way. By trade i am actually a musician and graphic designer, but when it comes to wedding photography I take pride in being a part of that special moment two people share. The best part of it all is capturing that moment in a creative and perfect way. Taking a picture that tells the story of the day and shows the connection between the couple in love. When it comes to photography I love all types from Landscape, travel to wedding photography. But wWedding photography has to be by far my favourite. When i am done shooting one wedding i cannot wait to begin the next.
    My first experience in professional photography started shooting landscapes and travel. I have had great feedback and response for my travel artwork, when i was approached by a couple asking if i shoot weddings. I warned them that i normally shoot travel, natural and landscape and that photography was just a hobby. But they insisted that is exactly what they were after. They were looking for a photographer who enjoyed taking photos not just doing it as a job. They also wanted someone who would know how to shoot on the move. From this I began a journey into wedding photography and have never looked back.
    In the last few years working in wedding photography I have experienced the best weddings and each one seems to get better and better. My equipment has become top of the range and my variety of lenses allow me to shoot anything, in any light and in any condition. I truly feel that the happy couple should have the time of their life and not have to worry about anything, especially the photographer. That is why you will not find me taking up all of your time with countless photos, instead we will take some short time out from the party for us to take some personal photos of this special moments, but it is more about you being with the one you love and share some free and private time together.
    Your responsibility is to enjoy yourself and be in love. Mine is to capture it and make you smile along the way. ?
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