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    Trupix Photography and Videography
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    Wedding Photography and Videography
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    Trupix photography believes passionatly that every couple deserve good creative wedding photographs. With prices starting at an incredible £149 now you can enjoy high end images at unaffordable price. They have a photography and video package that includes a story book album which starts at just £950. Incredible prices, incredible service, incredible images… your day shot your way with Trupix. Don't settle for amateurs when you can now afford the pros.
    Why not book an informal chat with their creative director, Rob Bromehead, with experience from over 300 weddings he will provide you with fantastic advice for the planning and timing of your day. This chat is of course without obligation and totally free.
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    Describe your photography style?

    I love to create timeless images that create in the viewer an emotion.

    What are your greatest strengths?

    With photographing 100s of weddings I have an experience of a wedding day that no Bride and Groom, or their guests have. Knowing when to be a silent shadow quietly documenting, when to lead or advise, and even when not to take photographs but to help the couple in another way is something I believe is amongst my greatest strengths.

    How long have you been a photographer?

    Ive been a photographer for 30 years, and this has been my profession for 5 years.

    How did you get started?

    I originally started my business - Trupix, trading in digital cameras and photographic equipment in 2004. Although the business was successful, job satisfaction was low , I re-studied photographer for a while whilst running my retail business at Sheffield's Nikon academy, and moved over the business to photography, originally opening a studio in 2008 taking any job. Now 95% of my business is wedding related photography.

    Your key skills and abilities?

    The manipulation of light is probably my key skill. I love natural light, but have developed skills in balancing natural light with flash, and also the use of flash for any given situation. Im also a great communicator, I am able to work fast, and keep to timings.

    Describe your personality?

    Having taken a recent personality questionnaire it appears I have a Choleric personality type, which is described here : “The good thing about being a choleric is that you are a born leader. You possess qualities like being active, dynamic, decisive, strong willed, self sufficient, independent, unemotional, and not discouraged easily. You are a person exuding with confidence and you can run almost anything.”

    What geographic areas do you cover?

    I work mostly within a 50 mile radius of Sheffield, but can be persuaded to take jobs further afield. If I work out of my area its normally for a couple who I have been recommend to from a previous wedding.

    What particular venues do you like?

    The venues I like most are friendly and share my belief that this is the couples special day and will fall over themselves to make it stress and hassle free. This in my opinion is more important than a grand staircase, or an award winning garden. Of course the best venues have it all :-)

    Who or what inspires you?

    Every time I see a great photograph that touches me somewhere inside I am inspired. I love art, nature, and people, and photographs which have all three are my favorites.

    What success have you had in photography (competitions - qualifications)?

    There is a saying "you have to be in it to win it." I have not as yet done neither.
    One of my reasons for joining the SWPP is to enter their competitions. So hopefully things will soon change.

    Photographic training and education?

    I originally studied 0’ Level photography at college back in the 80s, then an access course in 2008 for which I achieved a merit or a distinction for every piece of work I undertook. I am currently working towards becoming a LSWPP and hope to be qualified soon.

    Your interests other than photography?

    I love my wife very much and enjoy all the time we spend together. We enjoy together, theatre, walks, our two children and also looking after our two grandchildren.
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